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How To Build A Bench Around Your Tree

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Our most recent project involves sprucing up our client’s backyard with this custom made cedar bench to wrap around their beautiful ash tree.

Plans For Octagonal Garden Bench
These are the plans for this particular tree. You can make adjustments to the measurements depending on the circumference of your own tree bench.
Octagon Garden Bench
Here’s an Photoshopped image of how our client’s backyard will look with the new tree bench and patio installed. The patio will be build with irregular flagstones, and the bench will be built with 2×4 Cedar. Paperstone will make up the small drink tables, which will be mounted on four of the corners of the bench.

64 Individual Pieces of Cedar

All 64 Pieces Are Cut, Laid Out, and Ready To Be Glued and Screwed Together

Cedar Octagon Bench To Wrap Around A Tree

Cedar Octagon Bench To Wrap Around A Tree