About Us

Ballard Handyman is  an EPA certified company specializing in full service interior and exterior residential remodeling, home repair, and home maintenance in Seattle and the Seattle metropolitan area.   We give personalized attention to each and every project, encouraging a quality-over-quantity philosophy to complete your project right, the first time. We are a strong proponent of working with the space you have in your home, and making it work better for you and your family. With decades of combined experience in various trades, we bring an all inclusive approach to your remodeling project. Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Our team will take care of most aspects of the project, eliminating the need for 5 or 10 separate sub-contractors working in your home. The sub-contractors we do use, know us and follow the same protocol we follow while in your home. Many General Contractors hire a sub-contractor for every stage of your project. This often creates a disconnect between you and your project. As a small company, we’re able to provide the attention to detail that your investment deserves. We treat each project as though it were our own home, with the goal to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. What does this mean? It means that Ballard Handyman, LLC is a legitimately licensed General Contractor in the state of Washington. All contractors are required to have a contractor’s license and carry a bond and insurance to protect your home (and wallet) if something goes wrong while working on your home. If you hire an un-licensed company, you are taking a very big risk, as people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can have severe consequences. Licensed companies will provide you with the peace-of-mind you need when undergoing a large project on your home.